Comprobar los rodamientos cónicos de rueda Harley-Davidson

Checking Harley-Davidson tapered wheel bearings

Checking the condition of the wheel bearings is an action that must be carried out at each maintenance check and also when the tire is replaced.
If this check is not carried out periodically, it will deteriorate and the wheel will "dance" slightly, reducing precision in driving, and in extreme cases destroying itself completely, and may even block the wheel.

But aren't the bearings round?
There are currently many types of bearings, depending on the application where they are used.

harley davidson wheel bearings

Traditionally, motorcycle manufacturers have used straight ball bearings for the wheels, but in Harley-Davidson models up to 1999 tapered roller bearings were used, which are very effective in supporting axial (lateral) loads and require precise adjustment during its installation.
These bearings consist of 2 main parts, a race that is embedded in the hub and a cage with rollers that rotate between the hub race and the inner cone, which remains fixed with the wheel axle.

timken harley-davidson bearings

Checking the slack
We can perform a first check by lifting the wheel and moving it laterally from 2 opposite points, checking if there is play.

how to check harley-davidson wheel bearings

If we suspect a possible excess play in the wheel bearings, we must remove it from the vehicle (as always, following the instructions in the workshop manual) and remove the seals, using a universal puller.

remove remove seals wheel harley davidson

With the seals out, we can remove the bearings, the internal spacer and the adjusting washers, if any.

harley davidson wheel breakdown

With all the elements out of their housing, it is now possible to visually clean and inspect both the bearing rollers and the outer races to detect signs of damage or wear.

check harley davidson bearings

Renewing the hub
If the components that we have just checked need replacement we must use a complete kit consisting of bearings, races and seals.

harley davidson bearings and seals kit

We have to extract the old tracks using the specific extraction tool, which has 2 parts that lock on the edge of the track and are pushed from the opposite side of the wheel.

harley bearing puller

remove harley-davidson wheel bearings

After cleaning everything thoroughly, we can install the new tracks, using the correct installer

harley-davidson bearing installer

and watching that they enter their housing completely straight.

install harley davidson bearing tracks

Before installing the new bearings we will grease them from the inside with grease for this purpose, which contains additives for heavy loads and repels water.

grease taper bearings harley davidson

The next step, which is still carried out with the wheel out of the vehicle, consists of inserting the internal spacer in the hub and the bearings in the ends,

how to change harley-davidson wheel bearings

followed by the wheel axle to which we will give the recommended torque in the manual.
At this point we must check that the shaft rotates free and that the axial clearance (side to side of the hub) is between 0.05mm and 0.15mm using a precision meter.

check harley davidson bearings

For the exact adjustment within these measurements there are calibrated washers. If the shaft is stiff or very fair we will increase the thickness of the washers and if the clearance is excessive we will install thinner washers, until we leave the clearance within the specifications.

harley davidson wheel bearing calibrated washers

Final steps
We can now remove the shaft and install the retainers, which will be responsible for keeping the grease inside the assembly and at the same time prevent water or dirt from penetrating.
We will use an installer that places them completely flat in your accommodation.

install harley davidson wheel seals

We already have the hub of our wheel rebuilt, ready to face many kilometers again in perfect condition, so we only have to reassemble the wheel by leaning back on the steps and tightening of the manual for the specific year and model of our vehicle, especially if we are careful not to clean the retaining area with pressure water to avoid possible oxidation of the internal components.

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