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  • Pantalla Burbuja Casco Biltwell Anti-Fog Bubble Shield Yellow 2001-103
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Pantalla Casco Burbuja Biltwell Anti-Fog Bubble Shield Yellow 2001-103

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Aesthetically vintage and optically precise, our highly scratch- and impact-resistant polycarbonate shields fit helmets with three snaps across the brow, and come in a Skittles sack of molded colors and reflective coatings.

Technical Details

  • Injection-molded scratch- and impact-resistant polycarbonate thermoplastic construction

  • Plated stainless-steel snaps fasten securely to snaps on helmet brow for easy installation

  • Colored shields feature in-molded tint technology

  • Mirrored shields feature reflective technology in a variety of surface finishes to reduce glare

  • Every shield color and style provides 91% UV/A and 99% AV/B light resistance based on AATCC-138 test standard

  • Anti-fog treatment on shield interior fights moisture build-up from breathing and humidity 

Care and Maintenance

Bubble shields from the plastic industry's glory days in the '60s were an instant hit with the hip chopper crowd, and have remained a popular safe-riding essential in modern times, thanks to advancements in polycarbonate technology and mold-making. Biltwell bubble shields are a snap to install, if you start with the center snap and move outward. To clean your shield, use mild soapy water solution and a microfiber cloth to loosen bugs and road debris, then dry it with a second clean microfiber towel. Never use harsh household or petroleum-based chemicals to clean your bubble shield, especially on the inside, as they can destroy the shield's special coatings.   

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