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  • Jagg 4550 Oil Cooler Adapter For Harley-Davidson
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Adaptador Radiador Aceite Para Harley-Davidson Evolution Jagg Oil Cooler Adapter

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Jagg 4550 Oil Cooler Adapter For Harley-Davidson

  • Built for reliable performance and easy installation
  • Features a unique built-in oil by-pass valve and includes ProLine swivel fittings for easy oil plumbing
  • Installs between the oil filter landing and the oil filter for easy access to the oil supply to install an oil cooler
  • Built-in thermostatic oil valve allows oil to by-pass the oil cooler until reaching operating temperature for faster vehicle warmup times
  • Fits:
  • Evolution Big Twin 1992-1999 (carburetor only)
  • Sportster 1986 and later

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