Aditivo Gasolina Especial Moto Amsoil Motorcycle Octane Boost MOBCN 118 mL
Amsoil Motorcycle Octane Boost MOBCN 118 mL
  • Cargar imagen en el visor de la galería, Aditivo Gasolina Especial Moto Amsoil Motorcycle Octane Boost MOBCN 118 mL
  • Cargar imagen en el visor de la galería, Amsoil Motorcycle Octane Boost MOBCN 118 mL

Aditivo Gasolina Especial Moto Amsoil Motorcycle Octane Boost MOBCN 118 mL

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Amsoil Motorcycle Octane Boost MOBCN 118 mL
  • Increases octane for power and efficiency
  • It is designed to improve startup performance and eliminate engine ping and knock for increased power at low-rpm operation
  • Contains detergents that help combustion chambers and fuel delivery systems maintain cleanliness for optimum performance

Maximizes Power & Performance

  • When treated at 1.3 oz. per gallon of fuel, Motorcycle Octane Boost increases the octane of gasoline up to three numbers
  • Increased octane improves power and can eliminate performance-robbing and potentially damaging engine knock or ping (see below)

Improves Low-rpm Performance

  • Engine knock is especially noticeable in some motorcycles during idle or low-rpm operation and high-temperature driving
  • Most modern bikes are equipped with sophisticated knock-detection systems that can alter spark timing and the air-to-fuel mixture until knock ceases
  • Although these systems protect the engine from damage, they can also cause reduced horsepower and poor low-rpm operability
  • AMSOIL Motorcycle Octane Boost helps reduce the need for knock-detection systems to compensate, ensuring maximum low-rpm power and performance in modern bikes

Cleans Harmful Deposits

  • Because Motorcycle Octane Boost contains active detergents, it can help maintain efficiency
  • For clean up, however, AMSOIL recommends treating gasoline with AMSOIL Quickshot®, which contains a greater concentration of cleaning agents

What is engine knock and why does it matter?

  • The tendency of a hydrocarbon fuel, such as gasoline, to knock is measured by its octane number
  • Lower numbers denote a greater knock tendency; higher numbers denote greater knock control
  • "Engine knock" is a reference to the sound made from an uncontrolled and early ignition of fuel in the combustion chamber
  • It causes a knocking or pinging sound, robs the engine of power and can cause catastrophic engine damage
  • Knock may be eliminated by increasing the fuel's octane

What is Research Octane Number?

  • Research Octane Number (RON), Motor Octane Number (MON) and Anti-Knock Index (AKI) are the three most common octane ratings
  • AKI, the rating with which most North American motorists are familiar, is typically displayed on gas pumps as the average of the fuel's RON and MON [(R+M)/2]
  • RON, however, is the most common industry rating
  • Therefore, AMSOIL uses the RON rating when conducting performance tests and product validation
  • Gasoline's RON generally is a few numbers higher than the AKI posted on the gas pump (e.g. 87 octane fuel, or regular pump gas, has a RON of about 91-92)
  • When marketing their products, some additive manufacturers have adopted a points system where 10 points equals one octane number
  • A claim that an additive increases octane 30 points translates into an increase of three octane numbers
  • This approach is often used only to artificially strengthen marketing claims and is not endorsed by AMSOIL

Treat Rate

  • One 4-oz. bottle of AMSOIL Motorcycle Octane Boost treats four to six gallons of gasoline


  • Motorcycle Octane Boost is primarily recommended for use in four-stroke air- or liquid-cooled motorcycles manufactured by Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, Honda, Ducati, BMW, Triumph and all other four-stroke motorcycles
  • It may be used in off-road applications, including ATVs, UTVs and snowmobiles, as an alternative to AMSOIL DOMINATOR Octane Boost
  • Note: Clean spills immediately using a clean towel (If left standing, Motorcycle Octane Boost can stain painted or metal surfaces, if cleaned immediately, there is no need for concern)