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Adaptador De Toma USB Para Moto Cigarette Lighter Usb Charger O106 True 1000 MA

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28.13 €

Adaptador De Toma USB Universal Para Moto Con Toma De Encendedor. Cigarette Lighter Usb Charger O106 True 1000 MA Series 

  • 2,1 A dual output 12 V auto connector version
  • Allows you to use cigarette lighter outlet as USB charger port Prevents discharge of the vehicle battery
  • Will shut off if the battery voltage drops below 12,4 V
  • Maximum charge current guaranteed
  • Internal circuitry (in product and cable) communicate with devices receiving charge
  • Confirming they can receive maximum charge current
  • Approved to international EMC (radio interference) and electrical safety standards
  • Delivered with 102 cm (40") extender, mini and micro USB adapters that are GPS ready

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