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  • harley-davidson platinum label dot 4 41800770 41800773
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Liquido Frenos Amsoil Dominator DOT 4 Synthetic Racing Brake Fluid 355 ml BFRCN

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19.50 €
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19.50 €
Amsoil BFRCN Dominator DOT 4 Synthetic Racing Brake Fluid 355 ml
  • Firm brake feel: the unique chemistry behind amsoil synthetic brake fluid increases boiling points well beyond DOT standards, even when contaminated with 3.7 percent water
  • Maintains a stable viscosity over a wide temperature range and flow easily at the high pressures generated in modern brake systems to deliver solid, reliable braking
  • A nitrogen blanket is added to each bottle during manufacturing to purge moisture and ensure the maximum level of performance
  • Ultra-high boiling-points of 410ºF (wet) and 580ºF (dry)
  • It maintains a low compressibility during the most extreme racing conditions
  • Replaces OEM: 41800770, 41800773
  • Applications: Use Amsoil Dominator DOT 4 Synthetic Racing Brake Fluid in heavy duty and racing applications that require a DOT 4 product (change fluid once a year for maximum performance)

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