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Limpiador De Ultrasonidos Profesional Expert 9L Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank

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319.75 €
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639.50 €
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319.75 €
Calidad profesional, para uso diario en un taller.
Limpiador de ultrasonidos profesional Expert 9L ultrasonic cleaning tank
  • Expert Quality, easy to use, ultrasonic cleaner extremely effective at removing dirt and grime on watch parts, jewellery (NOT gemstones), coins, PCB boards and electrical components, engine-vehicle and mechanical parts, etc. 
  • Our ultrasonic cleaner use the latest technology for delivering high frequency vibrations in fluid, which enacts a process called non-inertial cavitation. 
  • This process creates microscopic bubbles in fluids that subsequently become compressed due to the higher pressure of the surrounding fluid leading to the microscopic bubbles imploding. This implosive action generates intense localised heat and agitation delivering a highly effective scrubbing action on the surface of the items being cleaned.
  • Suitable for use with water or non-volatile cleaning agents.
  • Manufactured from stainless steel fitted with a drain tap and supplied with a stainless steel basket and BS approved 3pin plug and cable.
  • Before use, check that item being cleaned is suitable for ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Tank Size   ...   300 x 240 x 150mm
  • Overall Size   ...   330 x 270 x 310mm
  • Ultrasonic Power   ...   200W
  • Heating Power   ...   300W
  • Time Setting   ...   1-99 mins
  • Temperature Setting   ...   0-80° C

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