Herramienta Diagnostico Profesional Para Harley-Davidson® Twin Scan Complete Kit

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Herramienta Diagnostico Profesional Para Harley-Davidson® (Instrucciones En Inglés)

Twin Scan Complete Kit 

  • Includes both a Twin Scan II ABS unit for 01-14 models with J1850 data bus and a Twin Scan 3 ABS unit for 11-14 Softail/Dyna models with CAN data bus
  • Uses Windows® XP/Vista/7 PCs for display
  • Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes from ECM, BCM, ABS, speedo and tach
  • Real-time display of engine data on instrument panel-type display
  • Built-in data logging; stores up to one hour of data
  • Triggers when trouble code is set and shows data before and after data is set
  • Includes two analog inputs with 0-20V or ±200V range; Twin Scan 3 features two-channel scopemeter capability for waveform display
  • Analog inputs can also be used for air/flow ratio (AFR)
  • Complete kit includes WEGO IIID Interface for tuning capability with both Twin Scan versions, two Bosch LSU 4.2 wide-band oxygen sensors, two 18 x 1.5 mm weld nuts, two 18 x 1.5 mm hex socket plugs, USB cable, the Twin Scan 3 Probe Kit for use with the scopemeter feature of the Twin Scan 3 ABS, and software on CD ROM)
  • Made in the U.S.A.