Asiento Bajo Para BMW R1200 GS-Adventure Saddlemen Tour Seat Lo-Pro (2 Pc, 2Up)

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Asiento Perfil Bajo Para Bmw R1200 Gs-Adventure 2013-2015

Saddlemen Tour Seat Lo-Pro (2 pc, 2up)

Saddlemen introduces a new specialized seat family that was developed for Adventure riders who want to aggressively ride for extended periods of time in comfort. Durable marine grade vinyls and bright accent stitching with a supple upper-foam layer produce a seat that is as effective as it is stylish. The combination of the GEL comfort layer and progressive density foam with a GEL-Channel design cover provides riders with the support and perineal nerve relief needed for long saddle time. Seat sets include integrated luggage mounting points and strap kits to attach the perfectly matched Saddlemen Adventure PACK luggage or other cargo to the pillion portion of the seat. 

  • Specifically engineered to retain the R1200GS' driver's seat height adjustment feature and the passenger's for & aft adjustment
  • Lowered foam height allows for an even easier reach to the ground at stops
  • Hybrid seat design combines SaddleGel interior, progressive density foam and a Gel Channel-design cover to provide Adventure Touring riders with unparalleled comfort and control.
  • Seats using Saddlemen’s Gel Channel (GC) technology have a center channel that relieves seating pressure on the perineal area, increase blood flow, and thus keeping the rider comfortable in the saddle for longer time.
  • Using a very large GEL pad for additional foam support and vibration damping, these seats offer the ultimate comfort available for a Travel Enduro.
  • Each high quality seat has durable construction and styling that is as unique as it is functional.
  • The rugged carbon-fiber look weave and smooth vinyl cover holds up to hard use and still retains its good looks.
  • Each seats’ covers are designed and stitched to match Saddlemen’s highly functional Adventure PACK luggage family.
  • Every cover is constructed with durable, marine-grade vinyl that resists water and cold-cracking.
  • Integrated bag/cargo mounting points on the pillion portion of the Adventure-class seat sets make it easy to attach Saddlemen’s Adventure PACK luggage or other cargo.
  • Includes a luggage/cargo mounting strap set that installs or removes in seconds from the seat.
  • Designed and built in the U.S.A.
  • Fits GS models '13-'15
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